Welcome to Balance PLUS Physical Therapy - Kathy Grimsby
Do you feel off balance?

Are you afraid of falling?

Do you have vertigo?

Do you have knee, hip, back, or neck pain?

We specialize in balance and orthopedic physical and massage therapy. Our primary goal is to improve your ability to walk independently, safely, confidently and without pain. You will be given an individually designed home exercise program. We work hard to change the qualty of life for you and your family. Visit Us Today!

Why Vestibular and Balance Therapy?


More than 90 million American adults experience disequilibrium or balance problems at some time in their lives. Many describe the sensation as vertigo or dizziness.

Falls are the leading cause of injury in the older adult: dizziness is second only to low back pain in patient complaints to the doctor.

Vestibular rehab is a physical therapy program designed to treat people with balance or vertigo problems. These exercise treatments are very effective in elimination of vertigo related to inner ear problems with a cure rated of 80-90% for BPV.

Why Balance PLUS Physical Therapy?

Each client receives a comprehensive 1:1 consult with a certified Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist specializing in neuro-musculoskeletal differential diagnosis. Upon completion of the evaluation your therapist will discuss with you the findings of your consult, outline a treatment plan and together with you and your physician, set functional and sports related goals. Visit Us Today!

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